Can't run a Freshservice full-page app locally


The local testing of full-page apps in Freshservice seemingly does not work. The portal successfuly identifies the app, showing its icon in the left sidebar, but the page with the app itself just renders an empty iframe (screenshot below). Neither the browser console or CLI show any errors. Do you have any idea as to what might cause this?

Hi @VladislavNechepaev,
Good Day!
seems like there is an issue with your app, I am able to run the full-page app in one of my Freshservice test accounts…
can you try to inspect the iframe and check what is the URL I hope it should be similar to this (http://localhost:10001/iframe/index.html) and check the network tab for any failure in the http://localhost:10001 domain
if so please share it with us for further investigation


Hi Vladislav Nechepaev, I noticed the same issue in our freshservice instance, we think this is a freshservice issue, a workaround for this is name your app in a single word with no special character even not white spaces, in your screenshot i’m seeing that the name of your app is “ringteam-inventory-app” maybe renaming the app to “ringteamInventoryApp” will solve the problem.
This that I mentioning solve the problem for us (this is just a workaround) because we have this issue with local and custom apps, i hope this helps you.
Let me know if this helps you.