Capturing outbound calls on Chrome Plugin

Hi team,
We want to integrate our contact centre application into FreshDesk. Due to versioning issues with App SDK see here , we cannot integrate the app into Freshdesk.
What we are trying to do instead is to create a chrome plugin which will interact using RestApi. When the user installs this chrome extension, we ask user to get the api key from the account and put it on our app. We store this api key in local storage of chrome.
i. Is there a better approach to get and store the api key
ii. When the customer initiates a call in FreshDesk, we want it to go through our plugin. How do we capture this event?

Hi @Keshav_mittal,

Thanks for considering building integration with Freshdesk.

About your queries,

  1. There is no better way to get the API key. Currently, it can only be fetched by the user from their profile page, and it has a captcha check, so it cannot be automated. The Freshworks Marketplace apps also request the API key in a form on the Installation Parameters configuration page and users provide them manually.

  2. With Click-to-call functionality, the Freshworks apps can listen to call events. But the app cannot talk to Chrome extension as far as I know. I’m not sure about Chrome extension capabilities. I suppose it cannot directly capture the phone call event from Freshdesk directly.
    Using the Chrome plugin to achieve this will add additional maintenance and feasibility challenges, so I would recommend using the Freshworks Marketplace app platform to build an app natively to capture this event.

Hi @Raviraj , We had a discussion earlier with @Shivani where in we got to know that there is an Admin key as well (which needs to be put during the app installation) can be used to do activities on behalf of other users.
Let me know if there is some issue with our understanding.

Hi @Raviraj as discussed with @Shivani , there seems to be a way in which a key is taken during the initial plugin setup and then afterwards the same is used to do any sort of transactions on behalf of another user.
We would like to look into this option as well.
Can you guide us on this ?

Hi @Sushant,

I have discussed the suggested solution with @Shivani internally. The Assume Identity feature was suggested for making transactions on behalf of another agent in the portal. This feature is not relevant to the API. It’s only for getting permission from a user to create a ticket or update contact and other actions on half of another user in the Freshdesk portal via the UI. It cannot be done by API or Chrome extension.

Manually getting the API key is the only way already for marketplace apps. So, there is no other way possible for the Chrome extension to get the API key from the user’s Freshdesk portal.

However, the Chrome extension can take no other actions in Freshdesk for telephony integrations. So, please find alternatives to work within the integration platform to build the Marketplace app for integration to capture click-to-call functionality.