Freshdesk cli version 20

Hi team,
We want to integrate our contact centre application with FreshDesk. When the agent wants to initiate a call, our application would capture it and handle the calling process.
There is an issue with the app sdk version. Our app is built on node 20. The latest version supported by Freshdesk SDK is node version 18.
Is there a way where we can run fdk with node version 20? if no, when can we expect it to support node version 20.

Hi Keshav — Yes, currently, Node v18 is supported, and our team is on our way to support the next versions as well. Please watch out on the announcements section to be notified when the support is available.

Hi @Saif , do we have a timeline by when can we expect this ?
We are starting our work on the integration so this information would help us to plan our things.

Hi @Keshav_mittal and @Sushant,

Our team is still in the planning stage. So, we don’t have a tentative timeline for when it will be available.

May we know why would you require Node.js version 20? Is there any specific purpose, or is it to use the Active LTS version for the app to be future-proof?

If you use Node.js 20 for other applications and want to use the same for FW apps, you can install Node.js 18 in parallel with NVM (Node Version Manager). Only Freshworks apps, for now, can be built on Node.js 18 and can be migrated when Node.js 20 or 22 is supported in the future.
Please refer to the installation of NVM, Node, and FDK here - Freshworks Developer Docs | App development process

So there is an existing application (node v20 ) in which are trying to use fdk to integrate Freshdesk.
There are certain features that might not work if we use a lesser version of node. So we cannot downgrade or use node version less than 20 even with or without nvm.

Is it possible to list the features your app might miss with Node 18.
If there are alternatives, we can suggest them. If they can’t use any alternative and they are critical for your application, that will help our team evaluate and prioritize the Node 20 upgrade soon.