Change of oauth domain to our existing custom app

We have developed a marketplace custom app for Freshdesk called “Setmore,” which has been published. We are currently planning to change the OAuth domain from the old one to a new one. The old auth domain’s access token and refresh token will not be compatible with the new one.

We would like to know the following consequences:

  1. Will this change affect the existing users who use the app with the old OAuth domain? If so, how will it affect them?
  2. Will you be able to support the existing users who are using the app with the old OAuth domain build?
  3. If we cannot support them, what could be the possible solution? Will they need to reinstall the app?
  4. Is there any possibility from our custom app to support both the auth domain?

Hi @Sankavi_Soundar,

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The existing users will not be affected until they update the application.

Only if the application has been updated, users must reauthorize to update the access token.

Plz, do test this scenario with a sample application and let us know.

Hope that helps!

Thank you.