Change the Ticket Details "Ticket Properties" Width

Is there any possibility, to change the Ticket Details width?

When i change from the browser this:

and add width: 700px, then it works. It is possible, to make that with a App. In Freshdesk, i cant find directly a solution for this.

Screenshot here: Screenshot by Lightshot

Would be great, if someone can help me to solve this problem!

No, you cannot change the ticket details width.
May I know why is it needed?


this is needed, because when you type in longer things for exmaple

Flight Route (Text)

  1. Flight Berlin - Istanbul 01.01.2021 12:00
  2. Flight Istanbul - Dubai 02.01.2021 14:45

Then the Input is not in one line - instead its on 4-5 lined. Its hard for our employee to write a bigger text inside and fill it out or change it. Its a usability thing.

Is there no change to change this? With a App or something - i mean its just to change the width of this box.

Best regards