Change URL from custom app

Hey Team,
I have to 2 custom apps developed,
One at the contact_sidebar location and another at the full_page location.

Now, I have a one use case to navigate from contact details page to full_page app.
When user clicks a button from the app installed at contact_sidebar the page should navigate to full_page installed app.

Is there any possible way to do this task?

As per Freshdesk CLI docs our custom apps are rendered in an Iframe and all the interaction between our app and Freshdesk will happen by Client Object.

So, Is there method available of that Client object that can help me do this?

I tried to change the URL of the contact details page.
To change URL of the contact details page, I tried to access top object from my contact_sidebar app but It gives the restriction error as shown in the attached Image.


Hi @Harsh_Suchak ,

Good day!

As the error states our apps are rendered in an Iframe and it is sand boxed, browser won’t allow you to unsafe navigate to the content (due to sandbox). So this is not possible as of now I guess.


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