Changing some things on our old portal

I want to change some things in old freshservice to later implement/do the changes in the new portal.

  1. How can I move/create the id=“support_tickets” and id=“pending_approvals” in the popular-items home section together with “popular services” and “popular solutions” ?

  2. Maybe also add those and some other pages to the navbar/action bar.

  3. In general i would like to change the language from english to Danish, as our users are danish. How can I do this? (for userportal/what users see)

  4. can the robotassistant ask in danish and how can we change this and maybe add a picture?

  5. how can i change icons and/or use another icon pack to change icon-report-incident, icon-request-service, icon-browse-solution etc. ?

Hi @lch,

Welcome to the Developer community.

I see that you the answer that you are looking for is not about Freshworks App Development or the APIs. Am I correct?

May be are you looking to find how to accomplish the above using Freshservice product functionality? Please clarify so that I can get the right help for you.

yes correct,
yes it´s how to do some changes in fresh service and custimize it


Sorry, but the team here have expertise to help developers. If you need more accurate help, please use the dedicated Freshservice forums to create a topic here -

Please bear with us, as you may have to create a new topic again on new forum. Alternatively, please send the points you have mentioned to, one of our team members will get in touch with you.