Clarification about Service Request update endpoint

From time to time a customer asks for some customization that involves updating a service request.
To me it was clear that it was not possible, since that the first time I was asked to do it, I raised a ticket to Freshservice support and they answered that it was not possible. A feature request was raised, and I’m still waiting on it.

I even answered a topic here saying it: Unable to update Service Request custom fields from backend code. @yusrakhatri commented it as well here: Associating an Asset to a Service Request ticket using ticket update Api. So always that some customer asked about it, I said it was not possible.

Today I was asked again and I resolved to check for updates on this and I found out here on forum that @sarfaraz_Mohammed was able to do it using v1 endpoint: Is there any API available for updating Service Request status

So I tested it now, and it worked for some default fields and custom fields.
For custom fields, you need the name for the custom fields from the v1 endpoint.
Using v2 fields names, does not work.
So to get the custom field names from v1:

curl -u -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X GET

But for my current use case, there’s still an issue: I can’t update the description field:

    "helpdesk_ticket": {
        "description": "Test"


    "errors": [
        "Error while updating ticket properties"

So the question left is: why can’t I update the description?
It was even possible to update the subject, but not the description :frowning:


@samuelpares - I have reached out to Freshservice team for help, please give it a bit more time until they revert back.

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Freshservice team has taken this ask a feature request and have been working on it. We can expect this endpoint to be available soon. Yet, haven’t got any timelines. :slight_smile:



According to the Freshservice team, this ask, categorized as a bug, is deployed on 21 June 2021. Sorry, it took so long to come back to this topic and update it.

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