Code Coverage Bug

Hi there,

There was recently a requirement to update the node version to use the latest version of the Freshworks CLI.
Previous node version 14 (no longer allowed)
new node version 18.

I’ll also note that I’m using the latest version of the Freshworks CLI (v6.13.2)

Since the update I’m having issues with the code coverage. It used to persist code coverage progress if I stopped and started the app in my local environment, now every time it seems to reset it.

I didn’t realize this would also be a critical issue until I tried submitting the latest version of my app for review. After the pain staking process of getting my code coverage above 80% in all files and packing and submitting the latest version I get an email stating the code coverage check didn’t pass.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any assistance would be appreciated as this is stopping me from updating my app.

I managed to resolve the issue by deleting the “.report.json” file, it seems to have somehow become corrupted causing these issues.

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Glad to know this issue is resolved. I am confused though.

The latest FDK version in the v8.x branch is v8.6.7 and v9.0.0 is available in beta. FDK v6 has been deprecated. Plus, FDK v8.x runs on Node.js v14.

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