Code coverage for freshdesk(marketplace)

we are doing code coverage for the marketplace app, we are facing an issue, code coverage not increasing the percentage, but we are running the particular function or module.

Here it is showing not executed.

But here in the browser console, it is executing.


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Hi @balanagendra

This seems to be some issue with code coverage lately and faced the similar issues. I was able to overcome this by deleting the content of coverage folder and report.json file from my app and reran the tests.

I implemented your solution, and it worked fine for some functions, but not all functions, then deleted content in the coverage folder & deleted the report.json file, again and again, but it’s not working.

here it is showing not executed.

but here in the browser console,
it is executing.

Thanks in advance.

is there any update for the above issue?

sir, is there any update regarding above issue???

Hi @balanagendra

I believe you have followed the steps as mentioned in the handbook. If the steps are followed correctly and still facing issue mentioned then the same could be resolved using below options

  1. Try upgrading to latest fdk version 8.3.0 or higher
  2. After upgrade remove the artefacts from coverage folder and also the report.json file from application root folder in your workspace.
  3. Allow insecure content when adding the dev=true query string parameter, as this causes the other files to not appear in the coverage report. Once you allow the insecure content, it would appear in the coverage report.

Kindly try these options. If facing the same still kindly do revert back.


Thanks, Team.

We have followed the suggested steps and instructions. Sorry, We are facing the same issue again.

The code coverage percentage is not increasing.

The reference SS are attached


Hi Team,

Any Updates are there!!

Please take this is an urgent query for us, want to delivery this application to our end customer end of this month.

After getting a solution from your side only start processing further in the code coverage and move to the review process in fresh release for approval.

Hope to hear from you asap!!


Is there any way we can reproduce the issue on our systems? Or Any screen recordings that you can share with us? I am guessing this can be problem with the code coverage module within the CLI.

Hi Team,

When I try to do the code coverage the actual function is executed in the dev mode yet the coverage file is not updated. please refer to the below-attached video.


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Hi Team,

Any Updates are there on the above issue.

Please take this as an urgent query for us, want to deliver this application to the customer to this month.

Hope to hear from you asap!

I was assuming that the create the task in script.js file >>>> section of code is not covered when use tests the app with CLI.

The coverage highlights the pink lines, meaning a code section is covered.

What is the current code coverage that you get?

Hi @Saif,

The coverage highlights the pink lines, meaning a code section is not covered. white lines, meaning code is covered.

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Maybe, I am wrong.

Let me get back after discussing with the app reviews team.

I sent you a private message on the forum to collect your app specific details and hopefully try to reproduce the issue. We can work with app reviews team to skip the automated rejected part if the CLI isn’t working as expected!

We were able to get in touch with the app reviews team to skip the auto app reject for the unique case.