Code coverage for freshdesk marketplace

Hi everyone,

we are currently trying to push app to marketplace but fdk fails to print code coverage and we are requested code. Here are logs from report.json


Any idea ?

Hi @Camille_Hayot, what FDK version are you on? We recently fixed a code coverage issue in v8.6.5. Can you try updating to the latest FDK version and retry?

Hi @kaustavdm

currently on version 8.6.6

@kaustavdm @Debjani
Any idea on how to fix this ?
Installed last version, emptied .resport.json and still not working…

@kaustavdm @Debjani
Any update ? This is becoming critical since I can’t push app to marketplace…

When I make any change to my JS code the code coverage disappears, I can’t improve coverage…
FDK version : 8.6.6
Node version : 14.19.1
OS :Ubuntu 20.04.4

@Camille_Hayot apologies for the long delay in responding. Is this a react app by any chance?

@Developer-Platform Can someone help look into this issue? Code coverage issue seems to persist on Ubuntu even after upgrading FDK to latest 8.x.