Code Coverage for Freshworks CRM is not possible in Full page apps

I am trying to meet the code coverage for a custom app in freshworksCRM.
The coverage folder for a detailed coverage report is not getting generated once I Ctrl + C out fdk run.

Am I missing something here?


Hey @syedm

After running fdk run, can you test some feature of the app either by appending dev=true or any of the server events if it’s there. Stop the server after doing this. Only then the coverage folder is generated. Starting and stopping the server immediately doesn’t generate the coverage results.

Please try this after deleting the coverage folder if its already there

Thanks. Stay safe!

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Hey @shravan.balasubraman,

Thanks for the quick response.

I understand your point but this is a full page app and it does not have any server components.
Full page apps are not supported in freshworksCRM for local development view(dev=true) right?

If thats the case, is there a workaround to create the coverage folder?

Not only for local development, full page apps are not supported at all for Freshworks CRM, according to this document - :link: Placeholders

No, I am able to run a full page app as a custom app in FreshworksCRM portal.

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We are working with :freshworks_crm: to make local simulation available for CRM apps. This is ideally a blocker for developers who wants to publish apps on the marketplace.

In your case, since you are building a custom app, code coverage is not a required criteria for custom apps.

Indeed, you may not have the facility to get code coverage for the app. We will work with the CRM team.

But it shouldn’t block if you are trying to publish it. Please let me know if there is anything else you might want to convey, and I missed it.

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Hi @Saif,

Thats is good to know.
The problem is we are trying to publish it as an public app (requested/sponsored by fresworks), as public app review undergoes strict compliance checks this could be a problem right?
Thats is why we are tryring to fix this code coverage issue.

Hi @syedm,

Thanks for letting us know that you’re planning on publishing a marketplace app.

You are right. Since the is a limitation from Freshworks’ end, at the time of publishing, you can reference this topic with App reviews team and request a bypass code coverage as part of the app review until this issue is resolved.


Hey @syedm

As @Saif said we would help in bypassing the code coverage check during the review process for this app’s version.

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Hey @Saif @shravan.balasubraman

Thanks for the help guys.
Will reach out if any issues arise during the app review process.


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