Code coverage is been inconsistent for freshdesk

Hi team, we have developed the Freshdesk Paid app and we are trying to push the app to the marketplace for that we have to do the code coverage. In that, we are facing some issues.

  1. While doing the code coverage, the other files are not shown when we run the server file. Similarly, the server file is not shown while running the MVC file.
    This is the image in which we are executing the App/MVC files but the server files are not executed.

    This image is shown the server file is been executed not the MVC.

  2. When we simulate an event in a local instance, The coverage is not getting reflected even after the relevant code of that event is running properly.

is there any fix for this issue? Please let us Know

Hi @Venkateshwaran_Ayyak

Have had the same issue recently. Do know that they are working on it :slight_smile:

Hi @Ansfs91 ,

No , we are not aware we are facing same issue past few days. Please just update us if the sorted out it will be great help for us.

Hey @Venkateshwaran_Ayyak,

Thanks for bringing this up.
@Ansfs91 also has pointed out this in the past and our team is looking into this. Will keep you posted.

Hi @zach_jones_noel ,
thanks for the update and we are awaiting your further response.


Do we have any news regarding the code coverage issue?