Code Coverage Issue in Freshteam

Team, a Freshteam external developer has been facing issues while doing code coverage. Here’s the problem as described by them -

There is an inconsistency in reflection of changes in the coverage folder. Even if the relevant code gets executed that change is not getting covered in the coverage folder.

The issues i’ve faced so far:-

1. The code coverage module considers statements as branches. So it’s not possible to cover that by simulating relevant scenarios.

*2. The code coverage module considers logs as branches. *

3. When we simulate an event in local instance, The coverage is not not getting reflected even after the relevant code of that event is running properly.

Is there a fix for this ?

@Raviraj please help here

If we can capture logs and maybe screen-recording, we can find the root cause of the issue and report it to the platform engineering team. In case this is a hindrance to publishing your app on the marketplace, after verification (of your report), we can skip the automated rejection and proceed with the further app review.

One of the things that can help us make progress is by looking into the logs.

See how fdk.log helps in troubleshooting

Copy specific section of logs using Debug Mode

Share browser logs if you think those can help.

Hi @Brejesh_G_Aiyer, greetings, were you able to solve this issue? If not, can you please share the app zip file so we can take a look at the issue?

Please try updating to FDK v8.6.5 and deleting the .report.json file in the app’s directory.

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