Code coverage, istanbul.js issue


Am trying to get the code coverage up on my app. It does the job, but somehow istanbul.js still mark the code as not covered?

See below where the console.log is renderd in the console(requester is also removed from the system), but not in istanbul.js.

Hey @Ansfs91,

Looks like the app is using Platform version 2.3 but there manifest.json has a mismatch in the Node version.

Steps to resolve -

  • Uninstall FDK
  • Remove your local ~/.fdk directory.
  • Install FDK afresh
  • fdk run to run and test the app

This should be producing accurate code coverage.

Let us know if this has helped you. :slight_smile:

Oh…Sorry @zach_jones_noel

This did not resolve it for me. Still have issues with the code coverage.

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