Code coverage of App.js not updating

When testing App.js the code coverage is not showing code as being executed when the results in the UI indicate it is.

Testing of code in the full page app working as expected.

I have tried deleting the coverage and .report.json files but when they get created again the coverage is as before and has not reset.

Have you seendthis before? How can I reset the coverage?

Hey @RobAtOpinyin,
Ideally when you delete the coverage folder and .report.json the fresh coverage report would be generated as and when you test each function/line/block of code on your App.js.

Can you share your FDK version? Was there code changes while testing the app?

Hi @zach_jones_noel

FDK version is 9.1.1

I did make some changes whilst the FDK was running. Is that what you mean?

Thanks for sharing the FDK version.

Yea with FDK running and also testing the app functionality on App.js, did you make any code changes on App.js?

Yes I did. Should you stop FDK when making code changes?

@zach_jones_noel I have managed to clear the coverage and start again but as I test the app.js code, the update of the report is really inconsistent. There are functions and branches that are clearly working in the tests but the report is not updating to reflect it. This is not an issue in the code that operates in the full page app. That updates the report as soon as its tested.

Understood, thanks for clarifying @RobAtOpinyin.

Let me DM you for some details.