Code coverage server/lib file showing

Hi Team,

I’ve been working on a marketplace application and it is ready for submission.
But when I open my coverage file in the browser it shows me a server/lib which I don’t have anywhere in the working directory.
I’ve been using the fdk version 9.
Kindly let me know why is this showing up for me even though I don’t have a folder like this. If possible how do i remove this folder?

Coverage File

Folder Structure

Thanks in advance.

This could be an artefact of this app’s fdk create template. Some app templates, like your_first_serverless_app, have a server/lib module. The coverage should show only current files though.

Have you tried removing the code coverage reports, removing the .fdk/ directory and retrying generating the code coverage?

Hi @kaustavdm,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I’ve deleted the code coverage files and tried once again but still the server/lib file shows up.


We are not able to reproduce this on our end. Can you please share your app zip file in a private message with me?

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Yes, I’ll share the application files. Thank you