Code coverage - showing files which are not part of our application

We have developed a Freshservice application and have achieved more than 80% code coverage for the files related to our application. However, there is an issue with the code coverage report that includes a folder not related to our application. This unexpected folder inclusion is preventing us from achieving an overall code coverage of 80%.

Resolving this issue is of high priority for us, as it is blocking our ability to submit the application for review.

Application Files with Code coverage files:

Code Coverage index:

One of file inside js folder:

Hi @dhilip.kumaran,

The FDK will automatically remove the files if they are not used anymore. Try rerunning the app and closing it to check if the unnecessary files get removed from the “/coverage” folder.

If not, you can please remove the folder that does not mirror the files that are present in your app.

Hello @Raviraj,

Thank you for providing the details. I have attempted both approaches:

  1. I performed multiple re-runs, but the unnecessary files continue to be included in the code coverage results.
  2. I deleted the folder within the coverage directory, yet the issue remains in the coverage results.

Can you provide us any other ways to overcome this?

@dhilip.kumaran Since you claim that these files are not available in your app and keep appearing after removal in the code coverage, it needs to be troubleshooted with your app to see where is it coming from and if it’s an issue in FDK side.

I have created this support ticket: #14916490 for our engineering team to take a look and revert to you within an SLA.