Communicate between two custom apps databases


That’s kind of a silly question, but is it possible to send and get data between two distinct custom apps?

Or can two apps only fetch the same data from an external database? I’m guessing external APIs cannot get data from custom apps either, so each of them has to send their own data to the external database.


we don’t have an interface to transfer data between apps, but you can use the external database or API to share the data between apps
Note: you need to handle the logic share the same data between apps.

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@sabatale - This also is a interesting requirement. Do you mind sharing with us the use case that led you discover this necessity? it will greatly help us shape an interface for developers to do so.

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Thanks! We have custom apps to satisfy different requirements, although we could package some of them together. However users are asking for something similar to a customized work agent dashboard, which we need to feed with data coming from both Freshdesk and the different custom apps databases.

I guess the standard answer could be allowing custom apps databases to be integrated with the native team dashboards as modules, but that would take a completely new feature.

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Thank you for adding this piece. We don’t usually have visibility over such requirements, and your inputs greatly help, although we don’t have an easy-to-solve solution. Currently, the only way we can solve this using Middleware outside of the platform that maintains a Database that both custom apps can handle.

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