Community Hours: Paid Apps Program & Freshworks API SDK v0.3.0 launch

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What’s Next?

Topic: Paid apps program (Freshworks CRM) and Freshworks API SDK v0.3.0 launch

In this session, we will talk about the upcoming launch of the Freshworks Paid Apps program, which enables developers to build apps easily and faster and earn greater revenue.

Furthermore, we will go over the enhancements made to Freshworks API SDK and talk about additional product support.


  1. Launch of Freshworks Paid Apps program
  2. Share the revenue-earning opportunity with the audience
  3. Use-case enablement (with support doc)
  4. Paid Apps Incentive program



Shreyanshi Shah, Product Manager at Freshworks (Follow Shreyanshi)
Thakur Ganeshsingh, Lead Software Engineer at Freshworks (Follow Thakur)


25th January 2023
5:30 pm IST (India)| 1:00 pm CET| 12:00 pm GMT (London)
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What’s in it for you!

  1. Learn how one can earn regular revenue with Freshworks by building Paid apps.
  2. Details on how to build paid apps for Freshdesk, Freshservice and Freshsales
  3. Future of Freshworks API SDK.

Key highlights

  1. Best-in-class development experience
  2. Attractive payout structure
  3. Faster time to market
  4. Marketing support

Q&A Transcript

Q: Hello, the upcoming changes will affect old ways or deprecate them?
A: Hi Roy, the upcoming changes will also kickstart the deprecation cycle of current FDK version 8. Similar to previous year, developers will have 6 months timeline until when apps built on both FDK 8 & 9 will be allowed for publish. For the concrete dates, you can watch out to our official announcement in community forum as well as newsletters.

Q: How many Freshservice or Freshdesk customers doesn’t install any app at all?
A: Hi Albin ~60% of customers have atleast one app. So ~40% customers don’t install any app yet.

Q: Will the Freshservice API version 2 will stay the same?
A: API Versions of products are mutually exclusive with FDK. So yes, Freshservice API v2 will stay as is.

Q: Kindly do some tutorial videos to develop apps in Freshworks CLI it’s helps to more understanding in App development.
A: Hello Arokiya we do not have videos at the moment but have a few tutorials to guide you build apps quicker here → Tutorials: Freshworks Developer Platform Tutorials. We are continuously looking to find ways to make tutorials easy. Will consider this feedback.

Q: How does a customer know if an app in the marketplace actually solves their use case? We’ve had customers ask us to make a custom app when there was already one on the marketplace that solved their problem.
A: Good question. The best way I can answer this is to compare to your App Store or Play Store experience. How do you know an app solves the problem you have? I usually learn by reading the information available and then trying the app out, or because someone told me it solves my problem and I should try it out. Since paid apps have a trial option, customers are encouraged to try out apps for themselves before paying.

Q: what is fdk validation code coverage percentage for paid app? is that same level of public app?
A: Hello, the code coverage percentage remains the same for paid & free apps.

Q: Is there anyway we can check code coverage on apps built in React? Looking for something similar to what we get when we get the code coverage summary when we do it the “default” way.
A: Good question Albin. Unfortunately, FDK does not fully manage to give accurate coverage reports for apps built using frameworks like React or Vue today. We considered adding this capability but decided to instead invest in adding first-class support for React in the FDK. We have been working on a plan for this and can share more details soon once we are ready. For now, you will want to submit your React apps for review by following our instructions for submitting such apps and get an exception for code coverage expectations during the review.

Q: App use case directory seems like a cool offering. Does it contain requests from customers too? Also how does one get access to it?
A: Hi, the app use case directory is coalition requests from our customers and market analysis.

Q: I want to configure my custom installation page i referred your app sdk documentation but i can’t get grip about it
A: Hello Arokiya. Thanks for trying to build an app using custom installation pages. Have you checked out our sample apps repo here?
marketplace-sample-apps/Freshworks-Samples/App-Development-Features/Configuration-Features at master · freshworks/marketplace-sample-apps · GitHub.

Q: As of today, using request method, we have a rate limit of 50 requets per minute. For custom apps, will this rate limit be aplied when using the api SDK?
A: The API SDK, as of today, does not use the Request Method. So, the same limit won’t apply. It will be subjected to the same limit if you used a 3rd party HTTP client to talk to the Freshworks REST APIs from a serverless function/event handler.

Q: Will the SDK work with client Apps?
A: You will hit CORS errors if you use it from frontend components. Plus it won’t be secure. The API SDK today is meant to be used only in serverless environments. But, you can use SMI from the frontend and use the API SDK from the SMI function.

Q: Can we use Freshworks API SDK in web applications or mobile apps? (other than Freshworks apps). Similar to other npm packages.
A: API SDK can be used in web applications on the serverside (node) by importing it as a npm package.

You can also have your question ready beforehand, as we have a live Q&A during the session, where our fantastic DevExperts will answer your questions.

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Community Hours: Paid Apps Program & Freshworks API SDK v0.3.0 launch!

Build apps for businesses and grow your revenue! Join us on Wednesday for an insightful session on Freshworks Paid Apps Program and how you can get started.

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When: 25th January 2023
5:30 pm IST (India)| 1:00 pm CET| 12:00 pm GMT (London)
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Hi! I wasn’t able to attend this event, but would have loved to. Where can I find the information covered?


[RECORDING] Community Hours: Paid Apps Program & Freshworks API SDK v0.3.0 launch!

Did you miss the live session? No problem; you can now watch the session recording and access the Q&A transcript added to the post. We look forward to seeing you attend our next Community Hours session in February 2023.

Jan 2023 Session recording:

Watch: Community Hours: Paid Apps Program & Freshworks API SDK v0.3.0 launch - Connect - Freshworks Developer Community

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