Completely lost beginner here. Where to begin? Please help!

Hello All,

I’m a complete beginner here. Moved over from 10 years of sales. I have utterly no experience, no knowledge, no training, and just basically no nothing about anything development or even IT related.

I’m determined to learn this stuff because I have been wanting to get out of sales and move to technology for a long time now, and because I want to do right by my company.

However, everything I see here are questions, forums, posts, etc. that are for specific questions and I’m completely lost when I look at them.

Can anyone direct me to some resources for a complete beginner to learn how to do all of this stuff?

Thank you all very much.


Hi @Timberwolfone,

Welcome to our community! :tada:

I really appreciate you asking here. The homepage of the Freshworks developer platform would be your first landing page for everything available with this platform. All the resources listed in there to help with the right information based on your need.

Tutorials would be a great place to get started on the learning to develop integration/apps on our platform for any of the Freshworks products.

I would suggest going through these tutorials in this order as a beginner’s pathway.

  1. Introductions to Freshworks Developer Platform
  2. Build your first Freshworks app
  3. Simple GitHub integration using OAuth, Data Storage, Notifications
  4. Building your first Freshworks Serverless app

When you have a query at any stage, you can come back and raise a topic to discuss it with the community and get an answer. :slight_smile:


What might also be helpful is to look over the this PDF document that can give you big picture of things happening on Freshworks Developer Platform -

I would be lying/selling you something if I said coding is easy. Be prepared to enjoy the challenges you face and create a topic on this forum anytime if you get stuck. Wish you success as a developer. Welcome onboard!