Constraint validation failed in SSO with JWT for Freshdesk

Hi Team,

We are using the “” for SSO using the JWT method but getting “Constraint validation failed with reason: invalid state param or nonce param sent by idp

But we are passing the values which are being generated using the authorization URL. Can someone help to resolve this

@Rajasegar_Chandiran can you please help here? Thanks!

I am not familiar with the API you are talking about, but looks like the state params or nonce params is the problem, I think we require some help from the backend folks who are familiar with the JWT and SSO


Is the authorization handshake and the callback are happening in the same browser?
Can you please clarify this?

Also a complete HAR would help us to figure out the problem exactly. Kindly share it.

I’m also facing the same issue can you please provide me the steps to debug