Consuming Freshsales API with OAuth

Hi Guys,

This is for the integration between a third party system into Freshsales suite.

Followed by the freshsales API documention:

Mentioned the Basic auth using able access API’s but know we need more secure way to access API’s like OAuth authentication.

Freshdesk has OAuth implementation OAuth (

Yeah there is I know.

We need to connect Freshsales account from third party system using OAuth instead Basic auth.

The third party system also want to build an app(Not freshsales custom app) for their side.

Good Day!
For now, I think there is no way to access API other than basic Authentication.
kindly take a look at Freshsales | Refreshingly new CRM & Deal Management Software for more reference about the authentication mechanism used by the product.

Anyways I will pass this request to the product team and get back to you at the earliest.


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Thank you for the way of to solving the problem(Passed the request to the product team).

Let me know once you got any update from product team.

Thank you.

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@Karuppu_Samy ,
The product team confirms that it is not possible to use OAuth authentication and only basic Authentication is available.


Okay Santhosh.

Thank you for the confirmation.

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