Contact creation

Hey team,
we are currently in a need to give tech support specialists ability to create contacts in Freshdesk. Our use case is as follows: we want to provide connection of customer’s headless cms (commerstools in particular) to Freshdesk, so in cases when cms has information about customer and Freshdesk does not, we need to create a contact in Freshdesk firstly. We also have our own backend.

The question is simple: what is the best way to create Freshdesk contact using REST API: from the application or from our backend?

Follow-up questions:

  • In both cases, we will need to send the same POST request, is there any difference between sending it from third-party backend systems?

  • How would it affect authentication? Are there differences in these cases?

  • The documentation says that we need to send API key with every request. How would you suggest getting and storing this API key for both cases?

cc: @kaustavdm

Thanks in advance,

You can call the REST API from anywhere with a proper authorization header. The authentication does not change.

If your backend systems have the necessary information, you can send the request from your backend.

In the Freshworks app, you should use installation parameters.

And by necessary information you mean agents API_KEY, thats it? Or is there something else required to make API call that I am missing?

That’s what I was interested in while trying out REST API, how do we get agents API_KEY to attach it to every request.
The only way to get it is to make agents input it during installation process and no other way is allowed, am I correct?

If yes, what if the agent decides to reset their API Key, how would the application behave in this case?

And just to clarify: API Keys are unique for every agent, right?