Contact Search - Search custom field or phone field for a partial match?

Via search contact apis Is it possible to search either an existing contact field such as mobile number or a custom contact field such as a single line text field for a partial match?

E.g. Field contains “15555551234, 15555559999, 15555552222” Can you search and find this contact by checking field for 15555559999 ?


Field contains: “textvalue, text2value, text3value” can you find this contact by checking for value text2value?

Hi @Timothy_Chapin,

Might you share the product on which you are trying to consume the aforementioned API? The contact API exist for Freshdesk, Freshsales, Freshcaller etc :slight_smile:

Hi Saif,

We are looking for a similar feature but for email/name,
Is a partial search posible via API
One of our customers requires to find one contact, and has a lot, and make 1000 requests to find one is not an option.
We’d like a partial search to find matching contacts
This is critical for our integration, I would appreciate any ideas to solve this


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