Contact Timeline Insertion API - POST /contact-activities , Activity API

We have created a CTI integration app and as per the functionality whenever a call ends, we want to insert data for the respective call in the contact timeline. I have developed this using freshdesk activity API -

This works absolutely fine in my testing domain which is using a Forest Plan and is in trial period.

Now I have submitted this app for freshdesk marketplace publishing. During the QA , the contact timeline insertion is not happening, and they are getting permission denied error(screenshot attached).

They are using Estate Classic plan on their testing domain. Can anybody pin point as to why they are getting access-denied in their domain where as things work exactly as they are supposed to in my testing domain

Hi @Himanshu_Sehgal

I hope this issue is resolved, If not could you please check if you guys used the valid auth token to access the service.

Stay Safe :slight_smile: