Conversation is been missed in the ticket thread when the conversation has more than six conversation

Hi team
We are building a Custom App in Freshdesk to create a new ticket upon email subject change.
But we have observed that for the customer reply event when a conversation is been created in the ticket if the ticket has eight conversation. The last six conversation is been updated to the ticket thread remaining conversation is not been updated. Could you please let us know if there is any limit on the conversation that are appended to the ticket.
This is the ticket it has more than six conversation.

for this ticket, in the latest reply last 4 replies has been updated remaining conversations has been missed

Hello @Srinithin_Thangadura

Are the responses in this conversation above created using the app or via other means Freshdesk supports (browser, email, etc)? I am trying to understand if this is a question regarding product behavior or API behavior.

@Srinithin_Thangadura If you are referring to the appending previous conversations while sending a reply or forward, the product will only append the last 4 conversations to the latest thread.

HI @satwik
we are creating the conversations using the email. the List all conversation API also returns the last four messages.