Conversations created from forward and reply created as incoming true and private true

Hi team,

I have project(parent-child customer app) like synching all conversations

I am doing logic like when ever conversation comes i am handling in note body as incoming true so that infinite loop will break, whenever a conversation has incoming true not creating a note and for customer responded conversation making as private note and incoming true

but in client account for forward conversation & reply, giving a reply via email to that conversation coming like incoming true and private as true

how to handle like for this type of conversations in client account for note synching?

Can anyone help me on this

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Hi @Tejasri_Kalluri

Hope you are doing Good.

Can you confirm my understanding is correct ?

You are adding a private note to a ticket with an attribute incoming as true or false depending on your use case.

To clarify if we are getting a note or reply from client it will record as incoming true. Now do you want this conversation to be false ? Or are you facing any issues while creating a note ? or Do you want to update the conversation ?



Hi @Janani,

Thanks for your response,

My in code i am adding attribute as incoming true to avoid infinite loop,

My requirement is to sync conversations from parent to child, child to parent in the form of notes

yes client notes are comings as true, i just want to sync the notes to respective child/parent ticket also should not come infinite loop


In client account:

In parent ticket for a forward/reply conversation if we given reply via email to that conversation adding it as private note(incoming:true) in parent ticket for this(private note,incoming:true) i need to sync private note in child ticket also should not occur infinite loop

Hope you understand let me know anything needed from my end

Hi @Tejasri_Kalluri

You can create conversation as private note so when any private notes added to parent or child ignore that conversation and create only conversation other than the private conversation. By this you can break the loop.

Or you can make use source like phone and when creating conversation from app mark source as phone. Then when another conversation is created you can break the loop by checking the source.


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