Converting HTML to normal string in workflow automator

Hi Team,

We wanted integrate FreshService with ServiceNow. currently we are utilizing workflow automator for Integration. We are able to create/update incidents in ServiceNow but we are facing some challenges in converting description HTML field to normal string. We have used liquid filters i.e., strip_html and sanitize_html but, it is not helping in converting the html to normal string.

Can anyone help us in fixing this issue.

Venkat Gupta

Hi Dodda,

Assuming you are referencing the description of the ticket, there is a hidden placeholder “{{ticket.description_text}}”. In the API, we noticed in the ticket schema, there was a description_text property and we have used in workflows for integrations and other purposes before.

Hi Rob,

We have tried by updating the placeholder by adding _text. Still, we are facing same issue.

Shall we have a call to fix the issue?