Coverage testing Unstability


I complete my server side coverage testing above 80% then I move to app side to make it more than 80% but abruptly my server side coverage result gone down to 67%, Which is obviously so pain full for me.

Please help me out in this, Is there any hierarchy that i m not following or any priorities?


Hi @Furqan_Mehboob,

Are you still facing this issue? If so, could you confirm which parts of the code is exactly removed from coverage when testing the frontend parts of the app and that you haven’t changed any code in the testing process?

Hi @Raviraj ,

No, it’s working fine. Apology for not letting you know.


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Thanks for the confirmation, @Furqan_Mehboob.

If possible, please add what has been mistaken and what have you tried. It can help other developers landing in this topic with similar behavior.

Well, I just update the versions of FDK & Node.

Got it. Thanks for adding more context.

When the Node version is upgraded, the app might be broken due to any syntax changes or changes in the dependencies. So, the app code coverage is completed deleted and becomes zero.

This has been covered in the FDK 6 to FDK 7 migration guide.

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