Crayons element rendering in modal

Hi Team,

I am trying to build an app that will get the ticket requester name and display it in a crayons input element in the modal which should be readonly. I am not able to do it hence would require experts help here.

Scenario: I have to change the value of the fw-input while the modal open and populate it with the Ticket requester name and make it read only.

Please help here! I am a beginner to fresh apps dev.

Hi @Arjun_Manikandan,
Good Day!

You need to include the crayons library follow this document for more reference
and you can use the below snippet to make disable/ read-only input field

read-only field: :point_down:

  label="Do Not Modify"
  value="Not applicable"

Disabled field :point_down:

<fw-input label="Deprecated Field" disabled state="normal">

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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