Crayons fw-datepicker - Change from So-Sa weeks

Hey Community,

is there any chance to change the datepicker weeks shown from Sunday-Saturday to Monday-Sunday, as it is usually used in German locale:

Regardless of which locale I use, the week always starts with Sunday.

Looking forward to your answers, best,

@kaushalc @Kishore_Kumar can you please help here? Thanks!

@ThomasH, Currently we are not supporting this usecase. We will check with our team regarding this usecase and get back on this.

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Hey @Tanmay_Kapoor, Hello @arvindan.ta

Thank you for you replies - Would love to see an update.
Agents are heavily used to the Monday being the first day in a week and put in wrong dates all the time :smiley:

Just found out randomly, that according to international standard, weeks are starting with Monday:


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