Crayons v4 is now live

It has just been a couple of quarters since Crayons v3 was released. Since then, the Crayons team has been hard at work, taking in the feedback from the v3 release. Today, we bring you Crayons v4, the next major version release for the Crayons UI library for Freshworks Developers.

Among major changes, Crayons v4 introduces RTL support and adds a new prop called show-time-picker to the fw-datepicker component to pick DateTime values.

This release will not break any existing apps on Crayons v3 or v2. There are also no plans to deprecate previous major versions.

But, if you want to try out the latest stable Crayons release, or upgrade your apps, take a look at the Migrating to v4 document. As always, there is a detailed document on Breaking Changes.


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