Create a more Seamless App Experience for Sandbox Environments

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A pain point that I have experienced as a freshworks developer is working with sandbox environments. When we spin up an sandbox, it is designed to replicate the production environment and give administrators a place to test new features and make changes without disrupting the production environment. This is wonderful but it does come with a price…None of the apps installed in production are installed in the sandbox at the time of creation. So we truly don’t have an exact replica of the production environment.

We must go through and install all the same applications from the marketplace, and/or custom applications and configure them to really be working in a sandbox of the production environment. This isn’t limited to only applications either. Email notification settings are also not replicated, which I will leave for another day.

But I am hoping we can start a discussion on making this a more seamless and less troublesome transition from production to sandbox when it comes to applications and testing.

I don’t think we will be able to get away of having to configure the applications to communicate with the sandbox but that is far less work than having to add them to the sandbox developer portal, wait for them to become available for installation, then install them and configure them just to make sure they don’t have a negative impact on changes we are trying to make in the sandbox.

Just an idea and something I struggle with as a developer and administrator of freshworks products.

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Thanks for replicating your question here from our first Community Hours, @Zach!

I acknowledge that it would be a hard experience to install and configure all the apps every time spinning up a sandbox environment. It opens up a whole new dimension for our platform to replicate the apps and make them work perfectly in the sandbox account similar to the parent account.

I will bring this up with our product management team and all the related Freshworks product teams to improve this experience.

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