Create an unassigned ticket via API (through LogicApp connection)

I want to create an unassigned ticket through the API. Not sure if its relevant to this discussion, but I’m doing it through the Freshdesk LogicApp connector. Similar to Creating an unassigned ticket via API, but the resolution in there isn’t working.

Request inputs are as follows:

    "method": "post",
    "path": "/api/v2/tickets",
    "host": {
        "connection": {
            "name": "<some connection name>"
    "body": {
        "description": "<ticket description>",
        "email": ",<requestor email>",
        "priority": "Medium",
        "status": "Open",
        "subject": "<some subject>",
        "type": "Incident"

Response is:

  "description": "Validation failed",
  "errors": [
      "field": "responder_id",
      "message": "It should be a/an Positive Integer",
      "code": "missing_field"

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I have tried the same in postman to send a post request to one of my trial accounts to create a ticket. without passing the responder_id in the request body. It is working fine and the ticket has been created.

In your case error message says responder_id is missing in the request body.

I will check this with the product team, If I get any information I will update it here, Meanwhile kindly write your query to