Create custom app for time entries


We want to create a custom app for freshservice. The app should be able to customize the time entries and to provide custom drop downs populated by the app. There is a marketplace app, which does exactly what we want to do. It’s called harvest.

Is it possible with the SDK, to create a custom app like the harvest app for time entries?

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Hi @Benjamin_Conconi ,

It is very much possible to build the mentioned use case. The integration with Harvest needs to be done using installation parameters for configuration and Request method for API invocation. Further, you may have to build the required UI using Crayons with dynamic form component.


Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

Thank you for your valuable advice. It is not clear to me how to get the dynamic form onto the Time Entry Modal App as there is no placeholder for it. Do you have any hints for me?

Same here: is it possible to create a custom app for time entries to ZOHO Books?
And if so, could you refer us to a developer who could do this for us?

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