Create Task event not triggering in Freshworks CRM

Im developing a serverless app where i want details of the newly created task using onTaskCreate event callback but for some reason it is not triggering when I create a task. onTaskUpdate event is working perfectly and triggering as it normally should. Any support would be highly appreciated.


Is the event getting triggered while testing via fdk? If so, can you wait for some time for the callback event to be triggered.

Thank you for replying. I did wait for some time for the response to be logged but it didn’t. onAppInstall, onAppUninstall and onTaskUpdate events are logging perfectly.

Is the onTaskCreate event getting triggered properly while testing locally?

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Yes It Is being triggered when simulating events. But its not getting triggered when installing custom app on freshworks CRM

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Will follow up with you in personal message

Issue Resolved. Thank You

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@ManiDeepak_Vandrangi : Can you mention how this will be resolved? I m facing similar challenges. Any help here…