Creating a React App for use in Freshsales

Hello, I have been trying to set up a Freshsales app that also uses React to build some UI elements. At this point I’m unable to even see any output from the react code when testing the Freshsales app. I’ve been following the advice from the few posts on this forum about this issue and am using the Freshdesk react app template, and changing the manifest to make it a Freshsales app instead. I’ve run into numerous issues and haven’t been able to produce a single useful result, so I am wondering, what is the standard practice for creating specifically a Freshsales application that uses the React library? I haven’t included any code snippets as I haven’t coded anything past using the fdk create command. At this point my only goal is to get a single React element to even appear on the page of the application when I am testing it. I should add I have also tried using the Freshsales template as well and trying to add React manually, but that did not work either. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hey there! It sounds like you’re facing quite a bit of frustration getting your Freshsales app with React up and running.

You can start by
Creating the App Project: Initiate an app project using the FDK with fdk create. Choose react as the starter. Using the Freshdesk React app template as a starting point and then modifying the manifest file for Freshsales should work fine.

You can follow this tutorial as a starter.

If you’re still running into issues, it might be helpful to share specific error messages or points where things seem to go wrong. This can provide more clues into what adjustments might be necessary.