Creating an automation rule via the API

The API documentation states that when creating an automation rule for a ticket update the performer field needs to be and array of objects but this returns a 500 error.

If works if its just a single object. Is this a bug in the API or the documentation?

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Let me check with the product team and get back to you at the earliest


Thanks @Santhosh . Much appreciated

performer has to be an object. The members attribute in that can be an array of agent ids.
Something like this:

"performer": {
   "members":[ 82000748890, 82000440469 ]

P.S. type in the above example refers to performer type and not the rule type.
This object as whole is applicable only when the rule type is 4 (Ticket updates)
Performer types:

1 - Agent (Array of agent ids expected in members)
2 - Requester
3 - Agent or requester
4 - System

Hi @thanashyam,

Thanks for that info. I think that means the documentation is wrong as its states performer is an array of objects where in fact it can only be a single object.

I wanted to be able to create a rule that covered both type 3 and 4 in one rule but I believe that is not possible.

Yes. Thats right Rob. The only other option is to have 2 rules with the same conditions and actions, with just different event performers. I do however understand that this is not ideal.

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Thanks @thanashyam. I have found a workaround but your message confirms what I thought and that I was not missing anything.

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