Creating choices in dropdown fields with API


My aim is to build an app that updates a dropdown field with new choices.

I’ve been looking at the API docs and I can only find ways to:

  • Create new fields
  • View fields
  • Edit the existing choices in a dropdown

But I can’t find a way to create new choices in dropdowns with API.

Does anyone know of a way to create new choices within a dropdown field via API?


Hi @Flow ,

Welcome to Developer Community. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the delayed response as we were occupied with the Freshworks Developer Summit.

I understand you are trying to add custom fields to a ticket. Freshdesk offers Ticket Fields API that allows you to perform these actions.

  1. You can create new fields using Create Fields API.
  2. You can view all fields using List all fields API and individual fields using View Field API
  3. You can edit existing field using Update Field API. It can be used to edit/modify custom dropdown choices.


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