Creating dependent fields using two custom objects

Hello -

I am trying to create something similar to “Dependent Checklist” functionality, but using data from two custom objects.

Here is the scenario:

Custom Object #1: Action Plan Type [Fixed, Mobile, Mixed]
Custom Object #2: Action Plans (various plans. This custom object has a look-up field called “Plan Type” that is based on the custom object #1)

What I would like to do is this:

When creating a ticket, I would like to select the “Action Plan Type”, and then select the “Action Plan” based on the Plan Type selected.

I understand that I can do this using “Dependent Field”, but the data I have has thousands of records, and it is virtually impossible to create nested checklist (i.e. Dependent Field) using the Field Manager. This will need to be created, managed, and administer using custom objects.

So, the question is - can I have a “dependent checklist” type functionality, but using two custom object fields?

Thank you.

Hi Ashish,

I hope you mean the Custom Objects in Freshdesk admin settings.

The definition of fields is not possible based on conditional fields. It’s a simple definition, and the fields can be mandatory. Further conditioning is not possible.