Creating Severless App For Sending SMS

Hi, we are trying to develop a new server-less app for sending SMS on Freshdesk. However, due to our company firewall, we are facing the some challenges while installing Node and FDK described below.

Can anyone please help to find the solution?

  1. While creating custom severless app, Freshdesk requires installing Node version 10.18 via command prompt interface as per the given FD website link. However, due to our Company Laptop Security restrictions and firewall , the required libraries are unable to be downloaded and installed from command prompt. For this, we need to share the exact GitHub library URLs from where this is supposed to get downloaded.

Request you to please provide the complete list of GitHub library URLs that need to be used for installing Node, NPM, NVM , FDK etc.

  1. Also, we are not able to open this URL- http://localhost:10001/web/test# as it is localhost. Can we have an alternative public URL?

Hello Rohan,

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  1. For the list of URLs that has to be whitelisted for setting up the development environment will be a pretty big one. May be you will have to disable the firewall for the initial setup and probably whitelist the URLs that will be used after the setup as part of the app development. Will that be possible?

  2. There isn’t a publicly available endpoint for viewing the simulation page since the FDK runs locally and also it would be complex to configure local tunnels every time you want to use the simulation. It’s recommended to get [localhost:10001](<http://localhost:10001>) whitelisted.

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Hi Raghuram, actually our organization is not allowing us to disable the firewall security and they have asked specifically for the entire list of URLs. I understand this must be a big list, but is there any way we can get the entire list of URLS needed? As FDK and Node are dependent on this.

Also, for the second point, I didn’t quite get you, the localhost:10001, will not run on our systems right? instead of localhost, there should be an actual IP address.

Hello Rohan,

  1. It’s hard to derive the exact URLs since there could be hundreds at the time of installing modules and also prone to change often. Following are list of possible domains from which necessary tools/modules will be downloaded from at the time of installation.

Be ensured that the above list is to the best of our knowledge and there could be more as well.

  1. The FDK runs locally in your machine and starts a http server to render the simulation page for testing. So it’s not a public endpoint.