Creating tickets and conversation in the past


I’m moving our current ticketsystem to freshdesk. I’m using the API to import the tickets and conversations.

Ik would like to preserve the historie of the ticket so I want to create them with the original timestamp.

I see this available “created_at datetime Ticket creation timestamp”

→ can I use this to put an older date of the ticket or this always the time when a ticket is actually added?



I’m facing the same issue.

Is it possibility to customize the date of the ticket with a past date with this attribute ?
Or is there another way?


I did some searching and it’s not supported through the API.

What I did is add the original date/time and creator at the top of every ticket and conversation.

That works die is


Good Day!
Unfortunately, we are not supporting that feature from the API.
it will create the ticket based on the current timestamp only,
if you want the migration, please contact our Freshdesk support
they will help you with the migration.


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