CTI Framework Hide Softphone api


I wonder if it is possible for you the implement a feature for hiding the softphone when using your CTI Framework application?

You currently have an api for showing the softphone:

window.parent.postMessage({action: "show_softphone"}, '*');  

We would like to be able to hide the softphone as well. Sometimes it covers the information and links when navigating to a requester or a ticket.


Thank you for your input on this @Peter_Telavox . We will capture this as feedback and pass it on to the Freshservice team so they can prioritize this.


Thank you for looking into this for us Satwik!

Hi @satwik

I wonder if you have received any feedback from the team regarding out feature request?

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Hello @Peter_Telavox ,

Thanks for checking in. We are yet to hear back any updates on this. We will update this thread as soon as we hear from the Freshservice team. Thank you for your patience.

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