Cti_global_sidebar widget size

I’ve been trying to create a custom app using the cti_global_sidebar placeholder. The size of the widget is fixed on 360x360 and I can’t seem to afind a way to increase it even when altering the styles.css file
I can increase the size by inspecting the page and changing the value, but freshdesk doesn’t seem to get the css from my style.css files.

It seems like I can only alter the css withnin the widget. Is there any way I can substitute the page css with my custom version bellow?

.navbar-addon-widgets .cti-widget-container .app-details {

width: 500px !important;

height: 360px;


Hi @tulio.francisco ,
Good Day! Welcome to the community!

You are not able to alter the placeholder by changing the styles.
you are allowed to change anything with in the widget only.
but you are allowed to change the height of the widget by using Instance Method,

you are able to resize only height and not the width :slight_smile:

Hope it helps


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