"current_user is not defined" error occurs while getting assets


While trying to get assets through client.data.get in the asset details page, it throws timeout error along with an error which says “current_user is not defined”

This is suddenly happening in a market place app which has been running smoothly.

But strangely when I add ?dev=true this error vanishes.

Anyone faces such an issue before?


Attaching screenshots and HAR file for reference.

intune.har (47.4 KB)

Hi @syedm
Are you facing this issue again?
if so, can you please give us the account credentials to debug further?


Hi @Santhosh

Yes we are still facing this issue.
But the same app is installed in another account is not facing this issue, it seems to be happening only in the below mentioned account.

Here are the account and app details:
Account link:
App ID: 45701


Good Day!
Seems like this is a product issue,

Can you please try to clear cache and try again, or try with incognito and let me know if you are still facing the issue.


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