Custom app Does not 'intialise' all the times

The custom has built a custom app wherein there are complaints that the app.intialise() function is not triggered as not expected.

agent-activity-frontend-react (1).zip (360.0 KB)

this is what the browser console shows.

This is the frontend view

Because the app never initializes, the state never changes in react and therefore this loading screen remains until I refresh a few times.

This is the block of code that should be executing, but stops at “Initializing app…”

useEffect( () => {

if (!loaded) return

console.log(‘Initializing app…’)

// app.initialized().then((client) => {

// console.log(‘App initialized…’)

// setChild(())

// })

const initalizeApp = async () => {

const client = await app.initialized()

console.log(‘App initialized…’, client)

const iparams = await client.iparams.get(‘permissions’)

const allowedUsers = iparams.permissions.replaceAll(’ ‘, ‘’).split(’,')


const {loggedInUser: {contact: {name, email}}} = await“loggedInUser”)

console.log(“Found user:”, email)

if (allowedUsers.includes(email)) {



setUser({name, email})


else setChild(

Access denied.



try {


} catch (e) {



}, [loaded])

No errors in fdk

Hi @Pankaj_Narang,

Could you check if this post resolves the issue in the app?