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I have an important customer for which we are developing a custom app. What the custom app does is to create a table for each ticket with some ticket information and some customizations inside that table. We read in the documentation that “The combined size of the key and value should not exceed 8 KB”. Now if there is a limit, we will need to remove the table really often. It is critical for the customer to have all data store.
Is there a possibility that this limit can be increased for that particular customer?
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Hi @sara.gutierrez.lopez,

The 8 KB size limit comes with the key-value data storage of the platform. It cannot be increased for any app on any account. It’s a platform-wide limitation.

There’s another more suitable alternative on our platform. Entity Storage allows to define entities like relational databases and add records with no upper limit. But, each record can only be up to 100 KB.

Please validate if Entity Storage would be a good fit for your requirement.


Hi Raviraj,

Thank you for your answer. I think we can not use entity storage because the customer has a Pro plan and it is related to custom objects which is only available in Enterprise plan. Am I right?

Yes, @sara.gutierrez.lopez,

Entity storage is only available for the Enterprise plan on Freshdesk.

Key-Value storage is not the right storage for bulk data storing. Ideally, they have to reside outside the app and should be accessed on-demand. Only a small information can be stored in Key-Value storage as the size limit is also proposed.

Please schedule a meeting on our Office Hours calendar and we can validate the kind of data that you would want to store and we can suggest if there are any solutions available for it.


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