Custom App not getting Published

Hi Everyone,

We are building an app in React for Freshdesk. The app makes use of Custom Objects & Serverless features.

Yesterday we packed the app and tried publishing it as a custom app, but unfortunately, the app is still in development after 16 hours.

Can someone help us find out the issue?

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We received a mail from with the below content,

App -

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hey @arshath.h,

Could you send us the app zip in the DM, so we could try it from our end?

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Hi @arshath.h,

Upon checking the logs at our end, It’s failing with the error “.entities[2].name should NOT be shorter than 5 characters”.

Please ensure if you have all the entities’ names with 5 or more characters long.

We will make sure to add this validation to Freshworks CLI (FDK) to figure it out earlier during the development.


@Raviraj Thanks for your help. We have one entity name shorter than 5 characters.