Custom app not loading at all


We have multiple custom apps built with Vue 3, and recently 2 of them have stopped working after being installed. When we are running them locally (fdk run) and append ?dev=true at the end of the tickets, everything works fine.

After adding some console.log statements, I noticed that main.ts (the entry point for the Vue app) is not even executed, so we could really use your debugging skills or indications of what might cause this.

Let me know if I can send you over the packed app zip so you can have a look.

This is how the custom app looks like:

Console logs from the browser (testing on Chrome): (105.9 KB)

It looks like it’s because in the final zip archive of the app, app\scripts\vendors.js is missing. We are building multiple custom apps one after the other using a node.js script and it seems to only happens then. When I’m building only one widget locally the problem doesn’t appear.

Do you know why this might happen? We’re using a custom webpack.config.js, but it follows the freshdesk template, it just has added typescript support.

webpack.config.txt (2.2 KB)

seems like adding emitOnErrors: true under optimization in webpack.config.js fixed it for now, I suspect the vendors.js was not generated due to some typescript compiler errors, although the fdk pack output didn’t give us any info.


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